Laser Hair Removal

Almost everyone suffers from unwanted hair growth on certain parts of their body. Regular shaving, waxing or epilation of this hair can take a lot of time and also can cause skin irritations. The Diode Laser is the solution!

The hair growth

To undergo a hair removal treatment, you should know about normal hair growth. Hair has three different growth stages. Because each hair has its own growth phase, it takes a long time before each hair is permanently removed. Nevertheless, the result is quickly visible and with the correct period between treatments, the result will remain.

How many treatments does it take?

This depends on the density, color, diameter and location of the hair growth.
The average client is treated 7-8 times before the right result is achieved. The face / armpits / bikini line is treated every 4-6 weeks and back / arms / legs every 8-12 weeks. A hair loss of approximately 70-80% is expected at the end of the treatment process.


Basically, there are no side effects of laser treatment. After treatment, skin will be red for approximately 24 hours after treatment. During the treatment process, temporary pigmentation shifts may occur in the skin, but this rarely occurs. You will not get scar from laser treatment.

Laser hair removal

In hair, you will find pigments (melanin). The laser head delivers an energy beam that is absorbed by the pigment. As a result, the laser reacts only to dark hairs (black and brown). Red blonde and gray hair do not contain melanin and cannot be treated.
The skin is slightly anesthetized by cooling. The sensation is often described as an elastic band to the skin.


Prevent exposure to sun as much as possible (for 4-6 weeks). Do not use light-sensitive medication. Treatment cannot be performed during pregnancy. Do not wax or epilate before and during the process (shaving / cutting is allowed).